Cheez's Yardsale Adventures

Week 3(April 23-24, 2009)

Total Spent: $42.58

So week 2 was a complete bust, absolutely nothing to be found, but this week there was a festival in a town about 10 miles away, so there were yard sales abound. I probably visited 50 in all, but sadly didn't come away with any great scores.

Day 1:

Green Gameboy Color
Yellow Gameboy Color (missing battery cover)
GBC Tony Hawk 3
GBC Pokemon Trading Card Game
GBC Game & Watch Gallery 3
Link Cable
Carrying Case
Total Spent: $5.00

This sale marked the first encounter with "Scanner Guy". Some guy had a handheld scanner sifting through CDs and DVDs scanning them all. We weren't following each other around but we ran across him at like 8 different sales, though never saw him buy anything.

I was halfway through my day before finding anything. My wife spotted the case sitting on a table and picked it up. Opened it and saw the green gameboy with Pokemon in it, the cable and the two other games. Marked $5 I was kinda iffy... until I noticed a second pouch in it holding another Gameboy. I figured it was worth the $5 and they wouldn't come down since the person selling it wasn't there.

Pink Gameboy Advance
GBC Frogger
Total Spent: $1.00

No real story here. Saw it on a table marked $1, took it and continued on

NES System (missing cords and controllers)
Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt
SNES Rise of the Robots
SNES Jurrasic Park
N64 Perfect Dark
Total Spent: $5.00

This was the first sale we were going to go to this day, but it wasn't opened when we got there so we came back at the end of the day. The NES was sticking out of a box marked "Goodwill" and Mario Bros was in it. The other games were tucked away on a shelf near the entrance to the garage. This sale was huge. The garage was jam-packed full of stuff stacked really high with tiny aisles to walk down. We looked around for about 20 mintues at this sale making sure we had gotten everything. Not pictured are about a half dozen Star Wars books my wife picked up and the first Naruto DVD. CIF'ed the guy $5 for everything and he took it.

Day 2:

N64 Donkey Kong 64
Total Spent: $3.00

There was also Mario 64 at this sale, but I didn't think it was worth anything so I passed. Both games were marked $5. I CIF'ed $3 on DK64 and she took it

SNES Aero the Acrobat
Total Spent: $1.00

This was sitting on a table with a bunch or crappy PS2 titles. None of the games were priced. I readied a dollar bill and inquired about the price. She said $2, I CIF'ed $1, game over.

PS1 Metal Gear Solid Greatest Hits (missing manual, crack on cover)
Total Spent: $2.00

My wife was starting to get tired so she stayed in the car on this one. Saw this for $2 and took it. I can replace the front cover and flip it. Didn't even realize there was no manual until I got in the car. Oh well...

PC System Shock 2
Total Spent: $0.25

This was sitting on a table of 25 cent items. It's a game I've wanted to try, so I got it.

N64 Beetle Adventure Racing
N64 Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
N64 Goldeneye 007
Total Spent: $0.75

None of the games at this sale were priced. I originally only grabbed the first two since I didn't have them. When I asked about the price and she said a quarter each, I grabbed Goldeneye too. I have an N64 I'm gonna sell and I figured at a quarter, this might help it sell faster.

PS1 Metal Gear Solid Greatest Hits (crack on cover)
Total Spent: $4.00

This was the second sale my wife decided to stay in the car for. They had a PS1 bundle with a bunch of mostly crap games marked at $50. The PS1 was a SCPH-1001 which I knew fetched a bit on eBay, but I wasn't sure how much so I decided against it. Asked if they would split the bundle up and the called the owner on a cell phone and said $4 per game. This time the game had the manual, but a crack in almost the exact same spot on the case. My wife and I laughed hysterically when I came back with the game and thought that maybe if she just stayed in the car the whole time, I would keep finding copies of MGS with a crack on the cover, but it didn't work out that way.

SNES Super Black Bass
SNES Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball
Pac-Man Card Game (missing 2 cards)
Total Spent: $1.50

When I got to this sale I saw a kid holding SNES Mortal Kombat, and I feared that I had missed out on everything. While I probably missed most of the good stuff, the two games were still there and I didn't have them so I grabbed them. Then I saw the Pac-Man game and grabbed that too. Everything was marked 50 cents so that worked for me.

2600 Airlock
2600 Armor Ambush
2600 Asteroids
2600 Cosmic Ark
2600 Dark Cavern
2600 Demon Attack
2600 Haunted House
2600 Human Cannonball
2600 Lock 'n' Chase
2600 OINK!
2600 Star Voyager
2600 Star Wars: Jedi Arena
2600 Trick Shot
SMS World Grand Prix (Complete)
Total Spent: $19.08

We had to take one of our friends home that lives about 60 miles away so we stopped at the Goodwill there. My wife saw games there last time but didn't get them since she wasn't sure if I'd want them. They had a couple SNES sports games and some GEN sports games including a complete NBA Jam which I almost got. There was another SMS game too, some baseball game without the manual, and a couple other Atari games. All the games were marked $3.00 which is a bit high, but I wanted at least 1 SMS game since I didn't have any and I wanted to be able to test a system if I got one that worked. I had a handfull of games then noticed a bag on a different shelf full of Atari games. It was marked $15.00 and had 13 games in it, which is way better than $3.00/game. I only had $20.00 in cash on me, so I grabbed the bag plus one of the SMS games.

Week 1(April 10, 2009)

Total Spent: $8.00

This was the first week that there were any yard sales this year, 3 in total, so my hopes weren't too high. First two sales had nothing but the third one had a green N64 with 1 controller, Mario 64, and Mario Kart 64. It was marked at $8 and since I only had a 10 on me, I didn't try to haggle. It was a fair price anyways. Normally I would have a pic of my find, but I had already sold Mario Kart before decided to make the web page.